Salmon in Canada

There are five types of salmon to catch in Canadian waters: Chinook, coho, sockeye, pink and chum. Read on to discover facts about each type, as well as where the best salmon fishing is in Canada.



Also known as dog salmon, these are the least desired to catch of the species. They weigh about 10-20lbs and are slender with a green-ish blue top, and a silver stomach. They are tough fighters and are fun to catch by float fishing and jigging.



These guys are also known as humpback salmon thanks to the significant bump that appears on their backs when spawning. These are the smallest of the salmon, weighing about 3-10lbs. They are bright silver with oval spots and are typically caught when trolling or casting.



This type of salmon is very distinct during spawning thanks to their bright red bodies and green heads. When in the ocean, they are blue and silver, and typically weight between 6-15lbs. They’re fast biters, and a ton of fun to reel in.



Coho salmon make great eating and are one of the most desired type of salmon to catch. They’re also known as silver salmon thanks to their bright silver sides. Other defining features include their dark blue backs and tendency to be fast runners when caught. They are typically between 10-20lbs and are caught trolling or casting.



Also known as kings, chinook salmon are the most desired salmon to catch! Not only are they the largest of the salmon, weighing anywhere between 18-40lbs, but they are great to eat, too. It’s no surprise that such a big fish would be a good fighter, and anything over 30lbs is known as a Tyee. King salmon are blue-green and purple on their backs, with black spots on their tails and silver sides. Typically, chinook are caught by trolling.


Where to go salmon fishing:

While there are some places to catch salmon in both the east and west, western Canada, specifically, British Columbia, is without a doubt the best place to go salmon fishing. Summer salmon runs find fishing charters taking to the seas nearly every day. The goal is chinook and Coho, with plenty of boats heading out to do some halibut fishing as well. Sockeye are typically caught in the rivers, and Port Alberni on Vancouver Island is a hotspot during their run. In fact, Vancouver Island is a top fishing destination in Canada and B.C. to do some salmon and halibut fishing. The east coast produces some great pink, Coho and chinook fishing, while Tofino and especially Ucluelet produce some of the top Chinook and Coho fishing in British Columbia. In fact, Ucluelet is often compared to fishing in Alaska, and comes out on top for a number of reasons like the ones in this article: While fishing in the lakes out east can be fun, the best place to catch salmon is on the coast of British Columbia.


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