How to Fish for Salmon

First things first, the best way to learn how to fish for salmon in any area is by consulting a professional guide from that particular spot. They will know the area well, as well as where the banks of fish are. This will ensure the best chance of a great vacation! Salmon generally feed on herring, pilchard, squid and krill, but it is a knowledge of the area and the depths that keep you on the bite.



King (Chinook) Salmon

King salmon are the most sought-after to catch by anglers that come to the northwestern coast. They put up a great fight, especially when over 20lbs. They make a prized catch for any fisherman.

Catching a chinook salmon will not disappoint and your arms will be feeling it the next morning! It’s a great sport fish to fight and will ensure a delicious end to a great day of fishing. Chinook salmon are great when smoked, or pan-fried with butter.


Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are also great fighters and have been known to do a tail walk while on the line. Although they’re smaller than Chinook, they are aggressive eaters and hit the line hard and fast when in the right spot. Like Chinook salmon, Coho make for great eating and are fun to play. Sometimes, they feed so aggressively that you can’t get a line down to where the bigger Chinook are resting! Coho salmon are a great second option for west coast anglers and are met with plenty of enthusiasm.


Halibut Fishing

Another highlight of fishing on the northwestern coast of Canada that shouldn’t be forgotten is the great halibut fishing! The Pacific halibut is prized by many fishermen as one of the tastiest white fish in the sea. Halibut are flatfish that are dark on one side to blend into the ocean floor. Thanks to this camouflage, they live for up to 47 years, and can get really large in that time! They have virtually no predators. Halibut don’t put up nearly the fight that the salmon do, but thanks to their size and prized taste of their meat, catching a halibut can still be just as exciting. The halibut under 30lbs taste the best! Don’t miss out on this tasty treat – be sure to ask if you can catch both salmon and halibut when you book a fishing charter.