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Vacuum Packing

Vacuum Packing your catch is a great way to continue to enjoy your salmon once you return home. Make sure to pick a guide that can provide this service for you.

How to fish for Salmon

First, we must say that the best way to learn how fish for Salmon in any area is by consulting a professional Guide who really knows the area and where the banks of fish are. This will ensure the best chance of a great vacation. Salmon generally feed on Herring, Pilchards, Squid and Krill in these areas. But it is knowledge of the area and the depths that keep you on the bite.

King(Chinook) Salmon

This is the one that most anglers come to fish when on vacation on the northwestern coast. It puts up a great fight when over 20 lbs and is prized catch for any sport fisherman.

Beautiful Vancouver IslandThese fish don't disappoint and they will let your arms feel it the next morning. It is a great sport fish to fight and will ensure a delicious end to a great day of fishing. They are great when smoked or pan fried with butter.

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon are also great fighters and have been known to do a tail walk while on the line. They are usually aggressive eaters and jump on the line quickly in the right spots.

Halibut Fishing

Don't forget about the wonderful Halibut Fishing here also. Canadian Halibut is prized by many fisherman as one of the tastiest white fish in the sea.Large Salmon Catch Halibut are flatfish that are dark on one side to blend into the ocean floor. Because of this ability they tend to get very large and can live for up to 47 years. They have virtually no predators and don't put up nearly the fight that salmon do. They usually lay flat on the ocean floor and prey on fish swimming nearby. The chickens or Halibut under 30 lbs taste the best. Don't miss out of this tasty treat. Book a Canada Salmon or Halibut Charter today!

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