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Vacuum Packing

Vacuum Packing your catch is a great way to continue to enjoy your salmon once you return home. Make sure to pick a guide that can provide this service for you.

Welcome to Canada Salmon Fishing

Canada Salmon Fishing is a free resource for information on fishing in the northwestern waters of Canada for Salmon.

So how would you like to reel in a 40 lb King Salmon for your next vacation. Well we have some valuable information that you may want to consider before you book.

Canada vs. Alaska

Beautiful Vancouver IslandMany believe that you need to go to Alaska to find great Salmon Fishing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vancouver Island, British Columbia is one of the greatest spots in the world to catch trophy King(Chinook) and Coho Salmon. It is also a great spot to fish for the tasty Pacific Halibut. Sure Alaska has alot of tourism but who wants to feel over crowded and over fished. Come to Canada to fish for Salmon. You'll be glad you did.

The Best Salmon Fishing in the World!

Ucluelet in Vancouver Island, BC is quickly becoming a sought after hot spot for vacationing anglers from the U.S. and the world. Fishing here will change what you think about fishing altogether. You won't be waitingLarge Salmon Catch hours between strikes here, because here the fishing is always on. Sometimes you can't even get your line down without it striking immediately.

Come see why this fishing jewel is quickly becoming the best place to fish salmon in the world.
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