Fishing Across Canada

Few destinations are as great for fishing across the board as Canada. For such a massive country, you can fish all the way across it, in all different kinds of ways. The whole country is a fly fisherman’s paradise, while salmon fishing is isolated to a few areas. Check out all the kinds of fishing to do across Canada!

Starting with the salmon brings us to the western and eastern coasts of Canada, namely British Columbia, and PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia. The eastern provinces are beautiful and are great spots to cast and troll for wild Atlantic salmon, mackerel and Arctic Char. Out west, you’ll be going for pacific salmon – Coho, pink, sockeye, chum and the prized Chinook. These fish put up great fights and if you’re not fishing during their river run, you’ll be out braving the open ocean for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Northern Canada is another spot to fish for salmon, with the Yukon being the place to go. The other territories, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, are also great fishing, but of the freshwater variety. Besides cruising the lakes and rivers for fish like trout, great Northern pike and Arctic Char, you may even have the unique chance to try out ice fishing!

Quebec and Ontario, just west of the most eastern provinces, host the second largest river in Canada – the St. Lawrence. This is a treasure trove for big fish, and there are tons of lakes and rivers throughout those provinces, and Manitoba that make for some excellent freshwater fishing. There, you can cast for trout, catfish, burbot and the largest of the freshwater fish – lake sturgeon.

Once you’re in the middle of Canada, aka. Saskatchewan and Alberta, the lakes and rivers continue to be your friend. In fact, those two provinces are a fly fisherman’s dream. While Saskatchwan is flat and filled with charming fields and farms, Alberta has stunning mountains that make for a stunning backdrop as you cast your line.

So, while not all the fishing across Canada is salmon fishing, there’s definitely plenty to keep you busy! If you’ve decided that the west coast is the place for you to be, check out! It’s on the west coast of Vancouver Island and offers great salmon and halibut fishing charters. For more about Vancouver Island, a fantastic fishing destination on its own, visit