Canada Salmon Fishing is a free information resource on fishing in Canada, focusing on the Northwestern waters for salmon.

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Canada vs. Alaska

Many believe that you need to go all the way to Alaska in order to find some great salmon fishing. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is one of the best salmon fishing destinations in the world to catch trophy-sized Chinook (King) salmon and Coho salmon! It’s also a great place to land a massive, tasty Pacific halibut. Sure, Alaska has a lot of tourism, but who wants to feel over-crowded and over-fished? Come to Canada to truly experience salmon fishing – you’ll be glad you did.

The Best Salmon Fishing in the World!

Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, B.C. is quickly becoming a sought-after hotspot for vacationing anglers from the US and around the world. Fishing in Ucluelet will change what you think about and expect form salmon and halibut fishing completely. You won’t be waiting hours between strikes because the fishing always seems to be on. Sometimes, you can’t even get your line down without it striking immediately!


Come see why Ucluelet, B.C. is a fishing jewel that is quickly becoming the best place to salmon fish in the world!